Best Projector For DayTime Viewing 2020

Best outdoor day light projector

In this technology-driven era, Projectors had made an important place in our day to day life, and having the best projector for daytime viewing is an advantage. Whether its an office presentation or watching your favorite movie on a good evening with your loved ones to get that authentic big-screen experience. You must have a Projector. In today’s world, be it your child’s education, your office meeting, or even your marriage, without a projector, it cannot get completed.

There was a time when projectors work only in a dark room. It was completely impossible to get them worked in daylight but thankfully with the evolution of science and technology. Today we have that elite league of projectors that have the capability to work efficiently in proper daylight.

To have an awesome experience of daylight viewing of a projector. It is very important that your projector must handle a decent contrast ratio whether it is placed inside or outside. High lumen capacity is also a differentiating factor in the performance of your Projector. Even if you are thinking of not using your projector outside in daylight but still you should buy a power full projector considering the Contrast ratio and lumen capacity for the best outdoor daylight projector experience, just in case you may need it in the future.

To make your decision easy we are reviewing the Top 5 Best Projectors for Day Time Viewing in 2020-

1.TANGCISON Video Projector

Here comes our first recommendation for you, TANGCISON Video Projector is one of the Best outdoor daylight projectors with powerful features that can meet your all kind of indoor and outdoor needs. This beast is capable of 1080P HD Video with the highest quality output on any projector screen.

You can enjoy up to 160 inches of ultra-clear and super-wide images indoor and outdoor. You can connect your smartphones and laptops with the projector as well as you can enjoy playing games on your gaming consoles on the big screen.

This is the most powerful yet silent video projector, silent than a laptop available in market in this price range. Moreover, the projector lens provides the 50000 hrs of projector LED lamp life. This is the best video projector for all your needs but yes this projector will give the best viewing experience in the darkroom but TANGCISON is mesmerizingly excellent outdoors too.


  • 50000 hours of LED Lap Life
  • Keystone Manual Correction
  • Minimal Fan Voice


  • Remote Control is Flimsy

2.YABER Y30 (Best Projector for Daytime Viewing)

Our Second Recommendation is no surprise but this beauty “Yaber Y3o” with the capability of 1080P HD video quality with 7000 Lumen power output there is no competitor for Yaber Y30 at this price range. This model is a perfect contender for “Best daytime 4k Projector”. The Yaber Y30 is the first projector with ±50° 4D
(Vertical and Horizontal) keynote correction.

4K Resolution is perfect for daylight viewing, it not only completes your indoor needs but also gets you the highest resolution and clearest projection with a high contrast ration of 8000:1 outdoor, providing sharp and detailed images from HD content without compressing or downscaling.

One of the features of Yaber is its after-sale support, for this model Yaber provides 6 months back and 5 years repair with lifetime professional technical support which adds value to your purchase.


  • Best output from all the competing models at this price range
  • After sale 6 month back and 5 year repair with life time technical support
  • High connectivity options


  • No Dolby Audio Format Support

3. WiMiUS P28 7200 Lumen LED Projector

Our Third recommendation for the Best Outdoor Daylight Projector is non other than WiMiUS P28, with 100,000 hours LED Lamp this monster can be your buddy for life as with these much hours of lamp life, We don’t think you will need another projector for next ten years.

With 7200 Lumen power output, there is no surprise that you can enjoy the highest resolution with 1080P Video quality which is overkill to the daylight. You can get the highest quality of ultra-clear projection with this high-resolution 4k video quality projector. Its 10000:1 contrast will meet all your outdoor exposure expectations from WiMiUS P 28.

Dual 10W HiFi Speakers with a clever keynote correction make this projector one of the Best daylight projectors of 2020. For a magical video quality experience with these many features, this WiMiUS P 28 can be your wisest choice of all.


  • 100,000 hours of LED Lamp Life
  • 4D Keynote Correction
  • High connectivity options


  • It does not have a tripod screw hole

4.Bomaker Portable Projector 

In our recommendation list of Best Outdoor Day Light Projector, we present you the Hero of our List, meet Bomaker portable projector. Bomaker is a WIFI portable projector, you can connect this projector with your phone laptop, etc and start streaming on the big screen. Hazel free connectivity with 6000-lumen power output makes it a consumer’s first choice.

It’s 9000:1 contrast ratio is capable of 1280×720 native resolution, 1080P supported with 50000 hours of rich detail lamp life makes it Editor’s choice as well. Bomaker’s WIFI function enables fast wireless connection with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Laptops.

No, No No…list doesn’t end up here, Bomaker is giving you a projector screen-free with it, making your choice a valued one.


  • Front Facing Speakers Delivers Good Choice
  • No warm-up time and cool running temperature helps eliminate the wait
  • Native 720p resolution at a 480p price point


  • Short power cords limits placement options

5.VANKYO Leisure 470 

Our Fifth and Final recommendation from our list of Best outdoor daylight projectors is Vankyo Leisure 470. With 4000-lumen power output, this beast is no less than any other projector in the list. Its 1:3400 contrast provide vivid color and powerful contrast of images even in bright light.

High connectivity options, as well as WIFI synchronization, make it a versatile projector when it comes to portability of Vankyo Leisure 470. With these superior features, 50000 hours of projector LED lamp life is cherry on the cake with this price range.

And of course, a 3-year Warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee from  Vankyo cannot be ignored before making the Choice.


  • Size and Portability
  • Image quality at such low Price Range
  • 3 Year Warranty from VANKYO


  • Fan Noise at times

How many Lumens do you need to Project in Daylight?

The best Projector for Daylight viewing is the one with the highest Lumen power output, So if you want the best big-screen experience you should go for the projector with the highest lumen power.

For the basic understanding, 1000 Lumen power is enough for a dark room but for a quality experience in daylight or in a light-filled room minimum of 2500 lumen power is required for a smooth and rich video experience.

Again, you need to understand that it totally depends on your requirement, as in proper daylight, mindboggling 120000 lux of brightness is required, which is not available in any projector in the market. So 2500 lumens are the starting point if you really want some quality images or quality projection in daylight go for above 3000 lumens.

Can you watch a projector outside during the day?

Definitely, it can be a pain to understand whether you can watch a projector outside during the day, as The Sun sometimes makes it impossible to look at the screens of our smartphones with its brightness. When it comes to fighting with the brightness of the sun it is impossible for any projector in existence to stand any chance.

That’s why it is always recommended to use the projector in shades or a dark room for a high-quality experience. But that doesn’t mean the projector cannot be used outside, YES!! you can watch a projector outside during the day. The only thing is you have to use 2500 lumens or above as per your requirement of the quality of the projection.

If the Lumens are high enough you can easily watch a projector outside during the day. But it’s true too that you cannot watch it in direct sunlight that’s why shadier or dark rooms are recommended.

What projector works best in daylight?

Again it’s the same thing, we need to understand our requirement, what do we expect from a projector? If we want a Projector to work best in daylight, We have to pick a projector with high Lumen output. The higher the Lumen power, the Higher the Video and Image quality can be taken from a projector in daylight.

No projector in existence with any Lumen power can project in direct sunlight. So it is to be clearly understood that Projectors work best in shadier and dark rooms. So for a high-quality Video experience in daylight Projectors with higher Lumens are required. The least recommended is 2500 Lumens to start with to have a good video or image quality in day Light.

All the projectors in the above recommendation list are completely capable of the highest video and image quality projection in daylight, Please go through it once if you had missed any.


We hope that our list of Best Projectors for daylight viewing has all the features and requirements you are looking for in a projector for your requirement for daylight viewing. We had selected all the projectors keeping in the requirement for the Best Outdoor Daylight Projector. The Projector which can work best in daylight. But it is clear, for the best Video and Image Projection quality goes for the highest number of Lumens possible. Keep in mind The higher the lumens the higher the video and image quality.


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