Top 15 Stunning Real Life Pictures Of Sunny Leone Without Makeup

Sunny Leone—This young lady is an all rounder! She distributed a digital book of romantic tales called Sweet Dreams. Sunny likewise transformed into an agent by propelling her own studio ‘SunLust Pictures’ in 2008. She also revealed her own mark image of aroma called ‘Desire’ in 2016. She and her significant other have received a child young lady, Nisha, from Latur town in Maharashtra. Sunny is additionally a lifelong fan of Akancha Srivastava’s motivation against digital wrongdoing. She has been advancing the battle on her own Instagram record and Twitter handle. Let’s have a look on pics of Sunny Leone Without Makeup.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra, better known by her stage name ‘Sunny Leone’ was conceived on May 13, 1981 in Canada to Sikh guardians who hailed from Himachal Pradesh. A pornography star and an on-screen character, Sunny Leone made her introduction in Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt’s sexual spine chiller Jism 2. As of now a hot top choice, Sunny has given another importance to strong and arousing in Bollywood.

Cosmetics or sans cosmetics, Sunny has immaculate skin and is consistently brilliant and gleaming. Here are 15 handpicked photos of her from genuine that demonstrate that excellence isn’t an outcome of painting one’s face, in any event for a couple of individuals.


Sunny Leone Without Makeup Pictures

1. Sunny Leone At The Gym

Killing it in some cool exercise wear, cosmetics is the exact opposite thing that Sunny needs. Her skin is emphatically transmitting. How can one look so rich at an exercise center? I don’t think about you folks, however I’m going to discard half of my beautifying agents now.

2. Sunny Leone In A Selfie

Now and again a ‘no cosmetics’ enlivened moderate deck up is the key. I love the amazing way she continues astounding us with these no cosmetics selfies now and again! She is plainly causing to notice the way that cosmetics and excellence are not equal.

3. Sunny Leone Post Workout

Who needs cosmetics when you’re adorable as a catch? Everything about this image is new and wonderful. Sunny’s skin and body are a consequence of difficult work. She goes to the exercise center threefold every week. Her wellness routine is incredibly severe, and she admits that being a Punjabi and normally on the curvier side, she can’t eat anything she needs and pull off it.

4. Sunny Leone In Swimwear

Here is our well known on-screen character spotted sans cosmetics at an intriguing on pool side. Her floral printed bathing suit is the ideal equalization to the shading blue water under that hot Sun.

5. Sunny Leone At The Beach

Of course, a grin is the best thing you can wear. What’s the kinkiest thing? A sulk. What’s significantly kinkier? That whale of a tan that she’s wearing! It is of nothing unexpected that she has numerous honors surprisingly. She was likewise named Penthouse’s ‘Pet of the month’ for the March issue. Presently, who wouldn’t accepting a magazine with this darling on the spread?

6. Sunny Leone At A Lounge

A trace of lip shine cooperated with this sexy outfit can never turn out badly. Particularly not with a face that way. Sunny Leone said she keeps up her wonderful skin by bringing down a glass of lime water or coconut water on an unfilled stomach before anything else. A deep rooted magnificence mystery that we are for the most part mindful of however never follow.

7. Sunny Leone, The Campaigner

Who’s in any event, seeing that squishy toy there? With some pink lip demulcent on, Sunny is keeping the remainder of her pretty face liberated from cosmetics. This goddess has a compassionate side that will stun you. She was named PETA’s individual of the year in 2016.

8. Sunny Leone, The Animal Lover

It’s difficult to pick who is the cuter one in this image. Sunny’s keeping her look straightforward with just eyeliner. For what reason does she have to do something else when her skin is as glowing as could be? Both Sunny and the dogs are stunning in one another’s gleam.

9. Sunny Leone With Her Pets

Seen strolling her two salvage babies here, can this lady please quit causing every one of us to feel deficient? No, if it’s not too much trouble give all of us a possibility. Do you at any point know what the majority of us resemble without cosmetics? It is no big surprise that separated from Bollywood, the Telugu and Kannada producers also are making a direct path to rope her in their motion pictures as well. Not to overlook, she is additionally a complete most loved in all actuality appears.

10. Sunny Leone, The Yoga Guru

You know why everybody isn’t persuaded about trying out yoga yet? Since we need yoga educators like these! Apologies, yet Baba Ramdev isn’t actually motivating me to extend. Sunny has referenced that she does Yoga or Pilates when she’s voyaging and can’t head out to the rec center. An extraordinary exercise brings about an incredible skin. Furthermore, our pretty thing here, needn’t bother with cosmetics.

11. Sunny Leone At The Stadium

She is saving it straightforward while rooting for her group, Kings 11 Punjab in IPL .We all realize that energetic chicks are overwhelming. A pig tail and unobtrusive cosmetics do the stunt at games. Note that, women. Additionally, when you cheer your group, you wear your group. Scents like solidarity?

12. Sunny Leone, The Foodie

Once in a while the main things that need icing are doughnuts, not faces. We despite everything know which one is progressively heavenly. In spite of the fact that Sunny’s eating regimen generally includes juice and crude vegetables, she undermines it here and there! Goodness, and this present woman’s preferred cooking is Italian!

13. Sunny Leone’s Travel Attire

Going with the spouse! I’m jealous of everybody on that plane. It’s few out of every odd day Sunny Leone and her beautiful spouse are your co-travelers. After a couple of brief sweethearts and a wrecked commitment, she is hitched to Daniel Weber, on-screen character, previous pornography star, guitarist of the musical crew ‘The Disparrows’, and a maker. See how she shakes her easygoing travel look without wearing cosmetics and without appearing even the slightest bit depleted!

14. Sunny Leone With A Starfish

Who needs cosmetics when you have a Batman cap on your head and a starfish in your grasp? What sort of a DC-Disney take is this? Not to overlook, even Sunny burrows Batman! She appears to be so glad here that cosmetics is completely superfluous!

15. Sunny Leone At Home

I for one spared this for the end so all of you breakdown taking a gander at the measure of adorableness in this image. Proceed. Breakdown now. Punch a divider to feel masculine once more. An individual who is continually keeping an eye out for his significant other cum-closest companion is an attractive demigod who is enthusiastic about cooking, admirably, Sunny realizes how to pick a man for herself. These folks are a cheerful family!


Obviously achievement wasn’t laid on a plate and offered to Sunny. She worked her way to the top. She is an incredible case of how, genuinely, there is something else entirely to an individual than what meets the eye. Despite the fact that she may appear as though one, she is definitely not only a babydoll.

Presently, those were the incredible pictures of Sunny Leone without makeup. Which on-screen character do you think looks best normally? Do send in to us, we would be happy to get notification from you.

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