51 Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends

Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends

Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends: Who are Best friends? In my opinion answer from everyone will be, they are everything. Best part of friendship is the funny and cute names which we call and called by best friends. From calling those cool nicknames to being the pillar of support during hard times to gossiping and judging about everyone and everything in the world – they play a massive role in our lives. Giving cute nicknames is our sentiments which to our Best friends.

Definitely you would also be having nicknames of your friends may be some would be cute and some would be funny and yes some may be silly. But we all know these funny and cute nicknames are the best way to show our affection to our friends. Here is list of 51 cool nicknames for your friends.

Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends

1.Love Guru

Friends with the best relationship advices, who had win you your crush. This is the best nickname for a friend.

2.BFF (Best Friend Forever)

The Friend you can count upon deserves this lovely nickname.


Girl’s favorite!! Nick name for your girl best friend.


Nickname for the Queen of your Heart.


Nickname for the champ of your group.


The friend with home remedy for every problem whether the problem is biological or emotional.


A nickname for best friend with a pretty face and an even prettier heart.


A nickname for the most colorful and shining friend who makes you believe that everthing will be alright.


The oldest soul of your group in his young body, who saves you from different troubles.


The Gem of a friend in your life is one of the good nicknames for your best friend.


Perfect nickname for the cutest friend, whose cheeks you can’t refrain squishing.  


For the friend who seems catching cold all the time. You must  be tired of saying “Bless You”.

13.Chatter Box

For the friend who never gets quiet and likes to chirp all day around.

14.Care Bear

This cute name for the Best friend who cares for you like family.


For the Best friend who had filled your life with the fragrance of Love.

16.BIFF(Best Internet Friend Forever)

Cute nickname for your internet buddy and forever support online.


For the angry bird of your life.

18.Bubble Butt

As the name suggest foe the friend with a bubble butt.

19.GF (Great Friend)

The pillar of your life, your 24*7 support system deserves this nickname.


This funny nickname to any friend on whom you want to laugh on.


For the friend who is bossy every time with his/her plans and don’t listen to anyone in the group.

22.Gangsta Baby

This nickname for the friend who is ready to combat with anybody just for you.

23.F2TE (The Friend To The End)

This is for the friend you believes in who will be there for you till the end of life.

24.Hot Mama

This sexy nickname for your hottest friend.


That cute friend whom you just want to eat up all, because your friend is that cute.

26.My All

If your buddy is everything to you, this is the nickname for him/her.


Perfect name for the sweetest candy of your life.


If he takes your heart every time when you see him, this is the perfect nickname for him.

29.My Prince

If you are a princess for him then call him your prince.


For the leader of your friend’s gang who takes up the charge every time.


Nickname for the guy who is courageous and strong.


For the sweet and chocolaty boy in your friend list, Jellybean is the perfect nickname.

33.Robin Hood

This nickname for the most helping best friend in your life, He deserves the name.


Perfect nickname for the lovesick puppy friend who follows you around all the time.

35.Other Half

This cute nickname is for the guy or the girl without whom you can’t live without.

36.Mr. Perfect

A cheesy nickname for the guy who is perfect in every sense, weather it comes to taking your care or helping you in crazy times.

37.Knight in Shining Armor

This nickname for the guy of your dreams, your Shining Armor.

38.Ladies Man

This Nickname for the friend who is desirable among ladies, if ladies love’s him, he is definitely a ladies man.


Perfect nickname for the friend who frequently explodes in anger like volcano ruptures.

40.Big Head

Nickname for the person who is mature and always guides you with genuine advice.

41.Big Bro

This nickname for a best friend who cares for you like a big brother and always stands by you.


The best friend whom you calls in every tricky situation and he is your ace in your crazy times.

43.Blue Eyes

Your Friend with the Blue eyes, this name is for him/her.


Sorry but this nickname is for that thick friend who is a bit overweight.


Adoring nickname for an adoring friend.


This expensive nickname for a valued friend who is rare to find in this world.

47.Doodle Bug

Cute nickname for the friend who is a doodler and loves to draw.


A romantic nickname for your friend but remember, you have to be the Romeo.


A classic nickname for the big guys who can be your boobear.


For the friend who is as sweet as honey.

51.Sugar Lips

A romantic nickname for the friend who has sweet lips and is seriously kissable.


You had read about some Funny and Cute Nicknames for Friends, you can use to call your friends and show your affection towards them.

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