Top 5 Virtual Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020

Definitely this year you will not be able to celebrate out but you can still make your Mum happy.

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Mother’s Day 2020

You know what is the biggest difference between this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is the component of celebration outside your house.

Usually for Mother’s Day, the reservations and bookings at country clubs and restaurants are completely filled all the day as rightfully people try to indulge their mothers and wives by taking them out to eat.

 Father’s Day is different, as men prefer to relax around the house and head to a golf course.

So, with the COVID-19 pandemic, what will people do now for Mother’s Day, that’s the biggest element of the day, going out to a restaurant for celebration, is not as much of an option?

Definitely, some states have opened the restaurants again – or others are about to, but people are still hesitant to go out and be around a lot of people which is for their safe only as the pandemic continues to unfold.

However, be happy and don’t worry!

This Mother’s Day gave people the option of getting more creative and to explore virtual options out there, making the day just as special.

Check out these five virtual ideas to consider this Mother’s Day which can brighten up the day of your in the house, or even for a mother or grandmother living away.

1). Virtual Picnic Dinner

If the weather out there is good enough, take the advantage of the fact that most restaurants are offering carryout, and make your own buffet spread outside. But If the weather is not that nice, then have your sweet little picnic on the dining room table and make as if like you are at a restaurant. If there is a mother or grandmother residing far away, order them their favorite food and have them join in on the fun via Zoom Call.

2). Virtual Happy Hour

This is just about the same idea as the dinner mentioned above, but with your preferred beverages. But be careful around kids, if that’s your choice. Or better yet, wait until the little ones go to bed and include friends and family into the Zoom call, as well.

3). Virtual Home Movie Party

As we know all of the theaters are shut down or restricted, but if your wife or mom fond of watching movies, then creating a home theater experience for them can be a superb Idea. You can easily control which movies you watch and what you want to watch, thanks to Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, or even regular cable channels!

4). Virtual Classes

Whether it’s dancing, cooking, exercise, sewing or other types of classes, this is great way to bond with your mom and create your special memories throughout this Mother’s day. Take the class together!

4). Virtual Tour of Museum, Zoo, Theme Park

Just because you cannot visit the mentioned places in person doesn’t mean you cannot feel like you are there. Heck, this is something new you can do to celebrate Mother’s Day, since places such as museums or zoos likely wouldn’t be offering virtual tours if not for the pandemic.

If you have any other good virtual ideas for Mother’s Day, Let us know in the comments below and share the Ideas.


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